Why can't C# become F#?

Recently on twitter, I asked a question: I wonder which will happen first: C# gets more awesome F# features, or everyone realises that F# already has the awesome features A more knowledgable person than I, Vasily Kirichenko eventually replied: c# cannot get some of the fundamental f# features. “Everything is... [Read More]
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hello world

Hello, world (Jekyll-based blog is created). public static int Main(string[] args) { return 0; }

Debugging ASP.NET MVC Model Binding

The Scenario Recently we had a tricky defect raised where, under certain circumstances, the user-entered values were not being persisted. The page was a somewhat complex data entry form, with many fields, lots of validation, and a complex hierarchy of view model objects and controls/helpers. The process After reproducing the... [Read More]
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